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Eggs and icecream sounds good but you better not let Mimi hear about that. I got in trouble for skipping breakfast on Sat. so I bet eating icecream wouldn't be good either. ha ha

She looks like she's having a blast.


Eating eggs and ice cream is just fine--protein and dairy. What is bad is skipping breakfast when you have a lot of playing ahead of you. And a second breakfast is good, too. Ansley can teach her Uncle Jon all about that!!!


By the way Megan, I bought the new Casting Crowns cd at lunch today and have been listening to it. What an incredible cd. I saw it listed on your site so it motivated me to buy it today. It's very inspirational.


Wow! You have been busy capturing Ansleys little life! That is a good thing. I to purchased the Casting Crowns CD! It is fantastic!
Take care, Luv Laur

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