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MiMi and PopPop

I'm so excited and honored. I had to get on this AM before I went to work so I don't have much time. Can't wait to get my package. Actually my treat is being able to see and hear about Ansley every day (well, almost every day) I love it, Megan, and you do a great job! Thanks for making it available to PopPop and I.

MiMi and PopPop

...sorry I didn't catch it quite in time... PopPop and me.


I think there should be a prize for the 103rd posting. Then who would win???? I think it would be MEEEEEEEE!!! Tell Ansley that Jonathan and Missy have a present for her when she gets here tomorrow. We're very excited to see Ansley!!!!


I think that Mimi should get a prize - I have the prize of getting to see y'all whenever I want. I think that Mimi would give the 99th poster (umm..that would be me) the prize if she could hangout and pop popcorn with her granddaughter and see her daughter's beautiful face on a weekly basis. I understand this struggle more than most I believe. So way to go Mimi - and oh yeah I forgot to tell you if it makes you feel any better Mimi - my beautiful dining room tablecloth and napkins came from none other than J.C. Penney's!


Now, I am bummed too--a prize? Who woulda thought!!!! :) Hee hee. Congrats Mimi! And Megan, yet another wonderful idea for me to consider...

MiMi and PopPop

Ashley, that was very sweet and very true. How great it would be to have them close to us but since it can't be that way right now, I am happy that they have wonderful friends like you and Mark to share time and experiences.

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