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MiMi and PopPop

Wow! Three trees, three pictures, and a dancing Ansley. What more could I want to make my day perfect? The dance is definitely different--much more formal. The dress is cute--I remember it--but think she can still wear it a little more.


Aww, put some tights on her dress and it will still be cute :) great tress and a cute dance by Ansley!


Awww, put some tights on under her dress and it will be cute for a while. great trees and a great dance by Ansley! :)


Cracks me up - goodness - I don't know where I would fit 2 more trees in our house - but I loved all of them - Christmas is such a joyous time isn't it? And thank you so much for the video - it cracked me up - short dress and all.

Ashley Jansen

I just noticed I said 'cracks me up' twice - I guess I should proofread my posts huh? :) See ya tonight...


Translation: "Ansley, I like to walk up to the computer and ask Mama to show me "Ansley dancing" again and again. Merry Christmas! From Hannah" Megan, I wish that Sarah, Hannah and Ansley could play together! Renee P.S. I'm glad you are reading Don't Make Me Count to Three. I just finished it. :)


Renee, so fun to hear from Hannah! Glad your girls are enjoying the videos! I wish that they could play together as well - would be so sweet for the three of them to be friends! :)

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