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Mark and Ashley

Looks like you had a fantastic and joyous Christmas morning. We had a great day as well here in good ol' Texas. I love the tradition you started with the birthday cake for Jesus...too cute! Looks like she got lots of special toys. What about y'all - what did Santa bring you? I got a cool digital camera as well and Mark is flying an old WWII plane tomorrow :) Love y'all and see you soon...

MiMi and PopPop

Wow!! PopPop and I can't wait to come play with all the new toys--very soon. The picture of the tree is beautiful!!! and those new Christmas pajamas are so cute and bright!! Maybe this will be the last Christmas without us but I'm glad you and Jonathan and Missy had a great time.

Jonathan and Missy

We had a GREAT time seeing you all for Christmas. Thanks for the great hospitality and YUMMY food. Ansley is such a sweet little girl and we love her very much. Tell her that JonJon and Missy say hi and we hope to talk to her soon.

PS - no more choxie truffles for Ansley - ha ha


We want a new blog, We want a new blog, We want a new blog. That is the chant of all the bloggies waiting in anticipation for the next blog. Are you taking time off like all the television programs? Which will come first, a new blog or a new episode of Lost? ha ha

MiMi and PopPop

More blogs. More blogs. More blogs, please. PLEASE. Cutting us off is cruel and unusual punishment. What have I done to deserve this?????

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