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Ashley Jansen

Is she starting to dress herself? Just wondering...maybe it is just me or does it look like her pants are on backwards :) How cute and fun will it be to play hide and seek tomorrow during our babysitting extravaganza. She'll have 2 people she can search for :) Too cute - we need to plan our mall luncheon event...

MiMi and PopPop

Ashley, you are so observant! But I can't believe they are on backwards--Megan would see that right away(I think). That is so cute and such an original place to hide.


To clear up the mystery - no they are not on backwards! :) But I laughed, because I can see how you might think that. Ashley, I will put them on her tomorrow so you can see. They are cute Gap jeans, and they have little pockets on the front. She's not quite to the dressing herself stage yet!;)


Hi Megan. I laughed about Ansley hiding in the same spot over and over because Hannah will always hide wherever Sarah has just hidden for her turn. It's so cute. Sometimes we'll hear Hannah counting in another room (or in a hiding spot!)then she'll say "Not come!" when no one else knew we were playing! :)


LOL! What a great hiding spot. Now, my question is, what is Ansley getting for Christmas? If this is in the blog somewhere, I've missed it...

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