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Ashley Jansen

She looks so much taller/bigger in that carseat! Her legs are so long...could it be possible that she grew up even more in the last couple of weeks? I hope you are my good luck charm tonight in our Bunco game - I would really like to win! Missy, Laura, Raelyn's children are in the Monday evening gymnastics class - it seems to be the thing to do! I still think you need to get her in ballet or even better tap. Heck - I could be her tap teacher for that matter :) Love y'all...

Ashley Jansen

P.S. Your Quote for the Day hasn't changed in a while and it is really long :) Just wondering when that was going to be updated...not trying to be too demandinig - just curious...I like reading those too.

Wendy Boren

Goody, goody..... new blog.


Ooh, a new pic!!!! And I am now in "blog" trouble for not updating mine :) Great pic. We enjoyed seeing Ansley today. "Tartar" aka Carter calls her "aslee'---where was "Aalee" when we were eating lunch and dinner today? Carter already misses his friend!


Wow, Ansley looks sooooooooo big in her carseat now. It's amazing how certain photos capture different phases of her growth. Hope you have a fun time with MiMi and PopPop.

Renee Wilmath

I can't believe how big Ansley is getting. She looks like she's having fun and not too much trouble on car rides. It's always so nice to be able to keep up with what you are doing by checking your blog!

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