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Jonathan and Missy

We're glad she loves the little people. What a good picture taken to capture the moment. Good to hear you're feeling better.

Ashley Jansen

Glad to hear you are both feeling better and back to high spirits. Can't wait to hear some of that chatterbox:) I was feeling better but sorta relapsed last night - so I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow! I'm ready for spring - I hate cold!

MiMi and PopPop

I guess I'm a few days behind you both--SICK. But I'm glad you are better and that there is hope for me!!! I wish I was there to play FP people, too. And I miss all the chatter. Keep healthy!!!


Yay! Health is great--agreed! Glad you are better for sure. The picture is great today.


I'm so glad you are well now! Hannah and Sarah are enjoying Hannah's Little People and animals these days too. She received the alphabet zoo set for Christmas after you suggested it, and it has been a big hit. :) I also wanted to tell you (completely unrelated to your blog!) that we have a set of children's praise cds called Shout to the Lord Kids that we have been using in our Children's Church at Oakland for years. I bought the set for our girls to listen to at home, and I noticed that they were recorded by your children's ministry at North Point. It's a small world!

Daddy (John) from Germany

Guten Tag aus Weinheim/Deutschland. I vermisse Dich. Bald werde ich bei Euch sein. I could use more blogs to allow me to keep up with what is going on while I'm gone.

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