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I love matchbox cars too. I still have my collection up in the attic. I bet Ansley would be impressed with my collection.


That's a great picture, Megan! She has such cute expressions. It was good to see you and Kaitlyn enjoyed the introduction to the matchbox cars I think! =)


So fun - I have to say I never got into cars, but probably b/c my mom never bought them for me :) Mark on the other hand - loved them! Love to see y'all soon. Your picture taking keeps getting better and better - sure you don't want to start a photography business? We'll be your first clients :)

MiMi and PopPop

I was looking for more blogs but looked at this last one again when I got to wondering....if that is your leg, how did you curve around to get at that angle??? You must be into yoga!!!


Mom - made me laugh! That is Ansley's arm in front of her, playing with a matchbox car. I'm not quite that flexible. :)
Ashley - thanks for the compliment! Glad you are enjoying the pictures. I love photography - not sure if I'll get started in in, but I welcome practice for free! :)


We will have to get our two little matchbox lovers together! Aidan doesn't have a friend that loves them just as much. Sounds like they do the same things with them! How cute!

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