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Sounds like you two have had a fun day. The new picture of baby Hannah made me laugh. Did Ansley do that or you? Keep on having fun!!


Yes, Ansley did that all on her own! (I changed the description in the photo to say that.) It makes me laugh too! :)


Whew! I was getting nervous for you! When is the due date? I can't believe 9 days...stupid UPS. What is it with you and UPS? If I remember the topic of this post (the train set) had some trouble with UPS as well. What I would like to see is a picture of you dancing - we all know that you are probably doing a jig along with her :) Her hair is getting so long and beautiful. She is for a fact the smartest kid we know. As ya'll.


We smiled to see Ansley and Baby Doll Hannah drinking their smoothies. Of course, we like Ansley's doll name she's chosen for ALL her babies! :) I also wanted to add that I laughed because all our dolls are naked too thanks to our Hannah. Sarah really likes to dress them and change their clothes, but then Hannah undresses them as quickly as she can. I hope one day our girls will finally get to all play TOGETHER! :) Thanks for such a fun way to stay in touch!!!

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