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I'm first today? How fun! Great spring picture. Yep, I agree, the weather isn't the greatest, but spring has to be just lurking out there somewhere. Megan, you even have a few supporters of your scrapbooking work on my blog now--maybe you have to be known in the blogging world first? Keep up the good work.


Wow - I thought Ashley would beat me to it, but she's slacking too - j/k Ashley. =) I love your fort idea, Megan! That was one of me and my sister's most desired activities when we were little! So far with Kaitlyn being younger I've made a tunnel of one before for her to crawl through and being the active toddler she is she has loved that. Glad y'all are having a fun day!


Duh, forgot the fort memories....I remember sleeping with my sister in our forts as a child. Our younger brother would try to get inside, but boys weren't allowed. Hee hee! I remember some pretty deep conversations in our fort :)

MiMi and PopPop

Where is the picture of the fort? I was looking forward to seeing it with a little inhabitant inside. You and Jonathan had lots of forts around the house and we still have some of the furniture where you wrote your names on the backsides. I might have been angry then, but I love looking at them now. Happy spring!


I didn't really build that many forts, however I did have this awesome pink tent that I would put on my bed and it is in the shape of a house. I would put it up weeks at a time and my mom would have to knock (or 'ding-dong!' to give me snacks or pretend mail) and I would sleep in it and read in it - Katie and I would play - it was so much fun. It had windows and everything! Highly recommend this. :)


ahhhh, the good ole fort days. I think you always had the stronger blankets and fluffier pillows in your fort. Just like in Fischer Price where you always had the good family with the nice cars. Wasn't your dad the airline pilot and I was always the teacher??? My memory is a little foggy so I don't remember all the details.

Anyways.......the fort sounds like lots of fun. Tell Ansley we said hi. We're looking to visit in April. Let us know how Easter weekend sounds?


Changing the subject. There is a Camilla (the flower, I can't spell) that Eddie's Grandfather developed (he had a greenhouse) called Tianna after Eddie's Mom.

I agree with your Mom, I want to see the fort!

Robin Miles

I think building forts must be universally fun for all children! I remember doing it when I was little too. I'll have to try that with Eiley sometime soon, I'm sure she'll love it!

I meant to tell you the other day that your scrapbook pages are beautiful and very creative. I may steal some of your ideas for some pages I need to do. I'm so far behind on Eiley's scrapbook that it's not funny, but I'm going to a crop from 10am to 10pm this Saturday so hopefully I'll make some headway!

John - Daddy

Who is Eddie? Just kidding:) Neat story that I'm not sure I even knew!


I loved building forts too! My friend Shanon and I would literally make the entire family room into a fort with a labyrith of chairs from all over the house to support it! Not only indoor fort making, I also remember making a fort out of my swingset with the help of neighborhood friends. (we lived sorta out in the middle of no where in front of a forest!) we would pick this long swamp-weed things, don't really remember what they were, but we draped a whole bunch over the monkey bars and had our fort there. And because I grew up with LOTS of snow, we always made snow forts in the winter, which were my absolute favorite, because I could pretend to be an eskimo! Of course, I used to LOVE climbing trees too, so I wasn't really the girly -girl . . .

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