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Ashley Jansen

Hallelujah! I'm the first to post! I'm so excited. I wanted to immediately post - but I thought I probably should read your entry first HA! I'm so glad y'all had such a good visit and I'm also so glad that you are back to having time to blog. I was going through withdrawals. Do you think she is trying to say bounce, not jump which she says boonch? I was trying to figure out the connection between jump and boonch and figured it was probably bounce :) I love the sandwich picture - so cute - how fun would it be to have a picture like that each year and then eventually frame all twelve in a frame - sorta like people do with school pictures. Can't wait to see her ride her bike - has she wanted to bring it inside yet to ride? Hope to see y'all soon.

Ashley Jansen

P.S. Any word on HOF?


glad to hear you all had a nice weekend. The weather was just perfect for company! Love the pictures - Alex has the same bike! Maybe they could get together and ride them someday soon :)


Awww, cute pics. I've been offline for a bit--darn computer issues! they are finally resolved (I think) It is great to be back and see some great updates and grandparent pics. One question, where is the RAK? I'm still excited about it :)


I'm smiling at the hair-flyin' photo you captured! :) I'll have to email you Hannah's bike riding pictures for Ansley to see. Sarah has a basket on her bike that carries the favorite doll of the day as well as assorted nature items collected along the way. Ansley looks like such a big girl on her new trike. 2 1/2! It flies by!

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