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Glad you are enjoying the beautiful day. We are too. In response to Ansley's 2's phase, (not that I have any experience yet since Kaitlyn's only 16 months old) I think kids in large part turn out to be what they see in their parents. You guys are sweet, God-loving, passionate followers of Christ, so Ansley will see that and over time become exactly what you're praying for. =)

MiMi and PopPop

I'll give you hope--You and Jonathan turned out very well--even if I am a bit prejudiced. And Ansley has prayers coming at many angles. She will turn out well--I just know it.


I totally know how you feel with the "terrible twos." Aidan is in the "MINE" stage. My mom says it will pass soon (like when they are 25.... HA)...I hope sooner than later!


You are doing the right thing already when I read that you are praying for Ansley and praying that you and John will do the right thing. Keep praying. That right there makes you a wonderful mom to Ansley that you care so much for her that you are praying about who she will become and praying for God to guide you in the challenges of these early years of parenting her. The last time I saw you in person was long before Ansley was born so I've never even seen you together except in photos but I can tell from the words you write about her that you love her so much. What a blessing you are to her that you love her so much you want to teach her to obey.

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