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That's an adorable picture! She looks like she's doing a little ballet routine. =) Can't wait to put Kaitlyn in 'nastics! =)


Man I wasn't first again! I'm either slackin' or just plain unlucky! Love you Sara nonetheless :) (And love seeing Tim around more :) ) Anyway...LOVE THAT IT IS PURPLE!! Can I said it again? LOVE THAT IT IS PURPLE!! I'm telling you I want to get that girl tap shoes...maybe for a RAK from Miss Ashey? We'll see...See you soon...


hey, I meant to say it this morning - but she looked SO cute in the EO Tard! I think perhaps the only regret I have about not having a girl is that there are no special clothes for boys to wear to gymnastics :) We had a great time today - thanks :)


Hannah says 'nastics too. :)


She looks so cute!!

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