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LOVE the fort picture :) looks big and roomy - the best kind! Alex calls his a "tent", and we make a tent from mommy and daddy's head board and the tucked in sheet nearly every night. Not as roomy, may have to move up in the world :)

I love the cool bonding family ideas. My sister - in - law used to take her little boy out on a "date" at least once a week - just the two of them, to lunch, or anything. He loved it! I hope to continue this tradition :)


Brad has always done bedtime with Aidan and now that Brenna is here, he continues to be the person to give them baths, read and pray with them. (Plus this gives me some time to cool down after a busy day!) Now that Aidan is praying, it is absolutely priceless to see a father and son praying together in bed! :)


Nelson, Michael and Katie had this ongoing story about a mysterious planet called Bluedo. Every night at bedtime they would all get in the bed together and add a chapter so to speak. All three had a ball doing it and it was the bed time story. Michael and Katie still talk about it even though they are grown.

My Mommysaver. Often I would just get tired of trying to come up with meal ideas. As the kids got older, they got picky and I could only stomach 'kid food' so many times a week :}! So to make everyone happy at least one night a week, everybody got to plan a favorite meal (with some guide lines, of course). Amazingly, hamburgers and fries were quickly replaced with BBQ chicken, mac and cheese and green beans.

MiMi and PopPop

I really like Ansley's hair that way. She looks so cute. The fort looks great. Where is Wednesday's blog? (since you pay attention to your readers' comments)


What a cool fort with a sweetie pie peeking out! Of course after I showed Sarah she wanted to build one. With her great ideas (and the clamps her Daddy offered) the tent stayed up for a few days until we needed the blanket for our backyard picnic lunch yesterday. I'll have to email you the pictures of Sarah homeschooling her dolls underneath. :). . . Not many mommy tips to give today - I think after my day today I need to be the receiver of tips!!! As far as cleaning, I have started giving Sarah stickers on a chart for the things she helps with like feeding our dog, setting the table, making her bed, putting her clothes away, etc. The chart was her idea after she saw one in the book God's Wisdom for Little Girls by Elizabeth George. She likes to have responsibilities and runs to put the stickers on. . . I liked the ideas you shared. We've talked about Derek taking our girls out on Father-Daughter dates when they are a bit older and me doing something girly with the other one at home. I'm looking forward to it.

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