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What a cute picture. I like the pigtails too!!! Looks like Ansley and Kota are on the verge of a great friendship. Hope all is well. I got your message earlier. Grandma is too funny. I'll have to give her a call soon. Talk to you later.

MiMi and PopPop

I'm glad you are happy today and it looks like Ansley is happy also. Those pigtails are very cute and I'm sure Kota loves them, too. I guess you didn't get my little package today. Maybe that makes for a happy day tomorrow.

Ashley Jansen

I love the picture! I loved putting my sister's hair in pigtails as a child. (She was my doll that I would always dress up HA!) I got a sweet, unexpected card from a friend this past week to. Hand written, blank on the inside, full of encouragement. It totally inspired me and I went to Target and got the cutest notecards EVER! Seriously, I will have to show you one - very creative and on clearance! I'm going to write my sister on a weekly basis - she needs the encouragement more than anyone I know. Keep the blogs acoming! Love them. Glad we could stopy by yesterday - it is fun to have a random short visit here and there :)

Renee Wilmath

We have been having the same battles with our pets too! Guess it's just a trait of the 2 year old. Sounds like everything is great there and you are living life to the fullest. Ansley is getting so big! I love the pigtails they are toooo cute!


Ansley's pigtails are SO cute! My pigtailed girls make me smile too. :)

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