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Congratulations on John's new job as plant manager! What a beautiful area in the mountains and a blessing to be close to family. We'll be excited to find out what all God has in store for your family in this next season of your life. :)


You all will be missed greatly! But we're so excited for you as you enter into this next chapter in your lives! Congratulations to John! I'm so glad we've been able to get reconnected when we did- all part of God's wonderful plan! I'm just sad we have such a short time to enjoy being a part of each others lives again :( But such a blessing for you all to be so much closer to family!

Ashley Jansen

Y'all know how we feel - we will come and visit often, but you have to promise to come back and stay with us often too :) How sweet to get flowers...did you bring them back with you? Keep us updated on the house and I'm sure I'll see you soon. Would love to have a date with Ansley again soon :)


Hey! Don't forget we are in Nashville also! Changes are hard, but rewarding.


Congratulations!!! We are very excited. Looking forward to this weekend.

Ashley Lee

Congratulations! We're very happy for you all. How wonderful it will be for you all to be so very close to family - I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of that. Knoxville is beautiful and I know that you all will love it. God bless you all! We'll be remembering you in our prayers during your transition.

MiMi and PopPop

We are so excited and pleased and proud of John! The next months will be filled with stress and transition (for us, also) but I love to let my mind daydream to the times we will share together.


Wow! Congrats. What an exciting time for your whole family. How wonderful it will be for you all to be so close! I know how great that can be!


Congratulations to you and John! I hope it all goes smoothly with the house listing and move. Agreed with the other posts on change--it always brings something unexpected that you woud have never experienced. We are excited for you especially to be so close to your family. That is going to be wonderful--especially for Ansley!


Wow! What a great way to make you both feel welcome!! Thinking of you!

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