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Ashley Jansen

I've been waiting all day to see a post - now that I know y'all are back and fine I'll probably give ya a call :) Still on for Wednesday. The For Sale sign is so weird!! Any showings or calls yet - I have this feeling you'll be selling it quick. Love y'all...

MiMi and PopPop

I don't think I've seen the house since it was painted--it looks very nice. I probably won't be seeing that house again. The picture that Ansley took was very good--maybe she can start scrapbooking soon. Keep up the blogs--I've been missing them and it takes my mind off my anxieties of selling and moving.


Great picture (taker and takee)! It was so good to see y'all last week. Ansley brought such a ray of sunshine where it was so very needed.


Great picture from Ansley. I guess the competition is officially on now that the house is for sale. ha ha Talk to you later.


oh i understand how emotional it is to have a house up for all have done so much to your home, someone will be lucky to snatch it up. great pic as well--i don't think carter could take one like that :)


Glad John's first day went well! You have been blessed with such great friends. Ansley's photo of you made me smile. Sarah takes very close up pictures of her dolls once in a while. We learned if we sit on the floor she can take a pretty good shot of me and Derek. :)

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