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Ashley Jansen

Yeah I'm first today :) I love the tourquise (is that how you spell that?) pool picture - such a fun and springy picture. I'm sure it was lots of fun and maybe will be repeated is very warm (I LOVE IT!!) outside again today. Have a wonderful Easter with family :)


Have fun doing the eggs to-nite. The pool looks really fun!
Happy Easter.

MiMi and PopPop

That is a very cute swimming suit and a neat pool. I probably would not call it turquoise because I'm not sure how to spell it either. How about blue? It is very sad when a grown up does not talk to a child. I see it at the grocery store sometimes. I can't imagine not wanting to answer her questions.


Oh the life of a toddler! They are so much fun! After missing Aidan for a week while he was at the beach with his Grandma..I was sure he came back speaking a new 110 words. Happy Easter!!


Wish we were in a pool today in Mississippi. We hunted eggs with my grandmother today, and Sarah's chocolate bunny ears melted. :) When I saw the Ring around the Rosie picture, it made me think about how God has given your family such wonderful friends. Hope your family has a Happy Easter together!

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