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These pictures are so cute! I hope you guys have a great weekend! This is my first time to be the first person to comment on the blog :-)

MiMi and PopPop

Missy, you might win some kind of prize for that!!! Those are cute pictures and Ansley's hair is getting so long. I hope you have a safe and fruitful weekend and I pray that you will have an offer on your home when you return--or sooner.

Mark and Ashley

My 2 favorite kiddos - did you take any other pics of them together? I was hoping to get a cute one of them holding hands or hugging each other! I love it - so fun!!


Have a great weekend away! Looking forward to seeing the pics from the weekend.


Cute! I love playground pic's too of paige and her friends playing together- they are always so sweet and innocent. Looks like they had a fun time! I especially love the slide pic- such a great moment you caught! You're already gone now as I type this, but I'm praying you have a safe trip and that you'll come home to an offer on your house! Can't wait to see pic's from one of our favorite places- Dollywood! :)

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