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WOWOWOWOWWOOW!! Congratulations to you, John and especially Ansley. What great news :) When is the baby coming?


Megan, I am SO, SO happy for you, John, and Ansley!!! :) The t-shirt pictures made me laugh. . . I hope you aren't feeling too sick. I remember it's hard to rest with a busy "Big Sister" so try to nap when Ansley naps. Congratulations!!!


Congrats! I had heard through the grapevine, but wasn't going to say anything until y'all did. Hope you had fun at Dollywood.
Great-Auntie (?) Wendy

Ashley Lee

What exciting news!!! I was logging on expecting to see some pictures from your weekend with John and hoping to read that you found a house and that your house here is under contract, but instead found this wonderful blessed news. We are so happy for the three of you. The Lord is blessing you with many wonderful new life changes right now. Congratulations! :)


Wow!!! CONGRATS!!!! That is SO exciting! I too was logging on thinking I'd be seeing pic's of Dollywood- and when I saw her t-shirt- it took me a moment to realize what it was! :) We are so happy for you all, and praise God for such a wonderful blessing for your growing family! What wonderful and exciting changes you are all going through right now! God's greatest blessings to you all! Oh, and yes, when is the baby coming??!


I forgot to ask- where did you get that t-shirt??! I've never seen one like that before- I'm guessing you maybe made it with those iron on transfers?? I'd love to know! :)

Ashley Jansen

Absolutely precious! We are going to miss you guys so much - here's hoping to many fun trips back and forth to see baby #2 and big sister (and y'all too of course).

Renee Wilmath

Congrats!!! We are so happy for you. What an exciting time for you all. Keep us posted on how you are doing!


HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you all and big sister-to-be! Let me know and I can take Ansley for the day if you need some rest! I know how that goes and how exhausting it can be!


That is so awesome, Megan!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

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