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Mark and Ashley

I still giggle at the turn out of this day - good grief! Hope things are going well today...keep us updated...


Whew, what a day! But what a terrific ending!!! I am so happy about your offer on the house. And still smiling about your January baby on the way. I'm glad Ansley is excited and telling everyone about Baby. :)


Yeah!!!!! An offer! We're praying hard it goes through as I know you're more than ready to be with John and Daddy again! I love your rundown of the day- especially the "kota no get burned" part! :) Such classic toddler thinking on that one- love it! Being a cat lover myself, I can so appreciate the 'bath' you had to give Kota- LOL. So glad the ending of your day made it all worthwile, and then some probably! Keep us posted!!!

Wendy & Nelson

Can't let Kota get sunburned!! Loved it.


So where is the picture of Kota?


This made my day. How adorable! Hope the deal goes through. Should you be pushing a vacuum?

Renee Wilmath

Congrats on the offer for the house. I got a kick out of your play by play of the day. I have had several of those myself. Tenn here you come!


Congrats on the offer--hope this is the one. Second pregnancies are waaay more tiring--here's to a rest soon!


Thanks for all the comments! :) We are definitely excited about the sale and being a family again. Wendy - no time for a picture of Kota, but it sure would have made a funny picture! Angie - I'm not sure if I should be pushing a vacuum, but I guess if it sold the house, then a little sweating was worth it! ;) Liz - I agree, seems to be much more tiring! But maybe that's just because I now have a two year old as well?!? :)


OK, so you are apparently my cosmic cousin out there, going through the unpleasantness that is selling a house with someone under 5 years of age, killing yourself to get it cleaned up, even showing in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm... weird : )

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