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Congrats! Living apart is for the birds!

Ashley Jansen

I'm so excited for y'all - but sad for me :( I totally forgot to tell you Happy Anniversary this morning and I totally knew that it was too - oh well - here is to another 9x9 years together!


Congrats!!! How wonderful and what a great anniversary present! Rest up as much as you can before the big move! I think Paige is all better now, so lets try and get together soon!


Happy 9th Anniversary! I'm so happy for you guys that your house is sold so that you can all be together very soon and make a new house your Tennessee home. I hope all goes well with making your offer. I wish I were there to take Ansley for you to get some first trimester rest - and to cook you whatever sounds good so that you won't have to smell it in your kitchen. :) And yes, I definitely was showing sooner with Hannah. It seemed to me that I had a bigger belly all along with my second but I actually gained just about the same weight as I did with Sarah total. I'm smiling with my happy memories of having a big beautiful belly and being SO excited! I'm really happy for you.

Jonathan and Missy

Happy Anniversary!!!!! Glad your house sold, we're looking forward to visiting in Knoxville.


CONGRATULATIONS! And Happy Anniversary! Yes, you do get bigger, faster with each subsequent pregnancy. I don't think you will be bigger in the end, just your body remembers being pg from Ansley, that's all. What a big few weeks you've had!


Congrats and Happy 9th Anniversary!! Your body just seems to know what to do with the second baby, so yes, your body does change quicker!

Ashley Lee

How wonderful that your house sold!!! Happy 9th Anniversary! We are so very happy for your family and the wonderful new experiences that the Lord has ahead for you all. Look forward to hearing that the contract is in place with your new home in Tennessee. Congratulations again!!! :)


Happy belated anniversary to the two of you! So glad you can let the house "go" a little bit and rest! : )


Ha! The day after we signed the contract with the buyers of our house we let two months of repressed slob out all at once. Tee hee.

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