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Mark and Ashley

Oh goodie a post :) You will LOVE cars!! We saw it last night...if you can (if Ansley's patience will allow you) stay until the VERY end. Even after the credits are done - there's a little something at the end. If not, at least stay through the credits there is a cute 'drive-in' snip that's real clever. Can't wait to see pics. Glad that apartment life is treating you okay. How are you feeling? I want see a pic of Ansley in that big movie chair and her expression when she sees all the chairs :) We miss y'all already! You are loved...

Mark and Ashley

P.S. Laverne and Jacquita say hello...

and in my last post when I say 'sees all the chairs' I mean stadium seating - I would think seeing that for the first time to a toddler would be cool...right?


Glad the trip was good.


I got your post on my site so I figured that must mean you have access to update yours, and I was right! :) Yeah! So glad you made it up there safe! Glad all is going well so far. Can't wait to see pic's of the new place! I bet you're so anxious to get moved in finally! Good luck this week with that! Oh, and I had to laugh as I've made more than my share of drives across states with a couple animals- though I used sedation (on the animals that is!) and it worked like a charm! Just a thought for next time! :) Too funny.


Glad to hear you guys are there... how is apartment life? Bring back any early memories??? It has probably been years since you've been in an apartment! I bet Ansley thinks it's a real adventure!

Hope you're all doing well - good luck with the move!


Do TN blogs take longer than GA blogs?


Guess they don't have blogs in TN :(

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