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Yea! You're are back. We have Comcast also. They can really be a pain, but they are the only show in town.... yuck!

Mark and Ashley

I hear the angels singing - I have check the blog and there is a post! :) I left you a message earlier today. So good to hear from y'all. I'm about to check out all the cute pics. How are Avery and Cota doing? Adjusting well too? Have y'all been able to check out the church yet? So glad that Ansley's already meeting friends. Love and miss you guys...
Do I get some sort of prize for the being the first to post since the break :) HA!

Mark and Ashley

Wendy and I must have posted at the same time - that's funny...her's wasn't there while I was typing...oh well. Just posting again to say 'Kota' - I apologize. So glad that you are able to meet some nice mom's - it will be so much easier I assume having Ansley meeting friends for you to meet some great gals too. Not as cool as Jacquita or Laverne, but you knew that would never happen. :)

MiMi and PopPop

Yeah. the BLOG HAS RETURNED. Even tho I have talked to you I reall like seeing all the pictures etc. Keep em coming...


Hooray!!!! It's so glad to "hear" from you! I've been pathologically checking your blog for the last few days... worring that you were stuck in cyberspace! Glad to know that the move is complete, that everyone's doing well, and that you are feeling better! Your photos were great...can't wait to see one of the house too - the yard looks amazing! Congrats :)


Yahoo! A new blog! Don't feel bad Christina - I've been pathological too. =) Megan, it was great to catch up yesterday and fun to see all your pictures. Keep 'em coming!


You're back! So glad you all are well and are getting settled, and are back online again! I was really beginning to worry! You'll have SO much fun with the princess theme party! We did that for Paige's first bday(thus where she got the nickname 'Princess Paige' from thanks to Grandma, which has stuck since!) and I had so much fun with it. There is so much out there for Princess parties- it's just too fun and Ansley will just love it!


So glad to hear you are all enjoying your new home! We thought of you while driving through your new home city on our way to Ohio to visit family.


Whohooo for 12 weeks! and new houses! and neighbors and gymnastics classes and all good things! : )


Glad you are getting settled in your new home, enjoying your new neighborhood, meeting folks, having family visit. Enjoying your blogs again. Derek said, "You know. She does a real good job with it." Your second trimester second wind is just around the corner. So amazing to see your child on the ultrasound and hear their heartbeat!

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