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Hurry please. It is so sad without my daily blog read. I can't wait to see the pics of Ansley and the open/hunting through boxes. Be safe and have fun on the trip up to TN. Godspeed.


God bless your family in your new home! Hope all goes smoothly with moving.

MiMi and PopPop

I was looking forward to a final blog with pictures of boxes and maybe Ansley on top!!! Maybe you will want to consider one more blog... I will miss reading them. Please hurry along. Travel safely...


Good luck with your move! So sad that it's officially here, and so sorry that we never were able to get together one last time :( Darn cold's! I hate how 'official' it all feels and is now. We'll be thinking of you as you make your way to your new home in TN, and will be anxiously awaiting a new blog with updates and pic's of your new place!!! God Bless!


We will miss the blogs :( And will be thinking of you with the move....


Best wishes as you travel on your way; bittersweet for all of us back here to see such great people leave -- but undoubtedly a huge relief for you all to be together again. We'll keep you in our prayers, and can't wait to hear all about the transition!


I must say I am at a loss not having a current e-mail address for you. Hope all is well and look forward to getting that new e-mail address soon! Praying for you guys . . .

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