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How exciting! I'm not sure how many times I've checked the blog in the last few days for an update. Not sure why I feel I need it since I e-mail practically every day, but I just needed the blog fix so thanks! And very amazing pictures for a 2 1/2 year old I think! Wow. OK - so I was sad about seeing you for the "last" time at your house tonight - now I'm extra sad after reading that it's sad. =( The new blog made me happy though! =)


Love the caterpiller! Kota's pic is great also.

I too have been looking for a blog lately...... thanks for my fix.

Ashley Jansen

You are such a creative mother! Tea Party, painting, so many fun ideas! You've got quite the artist for a child...the caterpillar was great - now tomorrow she needs to do the butterfly the caterpillar becomes :) I thought the portrait of you was creative...:) See you tomorrow afternoon...I won't talk about the sadness or missing you part - too much for me to handle at the moment. Love y'all....


oh, gosh... yes, the sadness part... it is just too much to think about. I think on our last playdate, we should plan our first post-move get together :) That would make it a happier parting.

I love the paintings too, like mother like daughter? It is pure joy!

MiMi and PopPop

I'm so excited to have a blog again. Ansley's legs are looking so long as she is running along. And I love those pictures. You need to frame them and put them in your new laundry room. I can't wait to see more painted pictures and what topics she chooses. Maybe one of the moving van!!! or the state of Tennessee. Keep the blogs coming--I'm blog starved.


Wow, fantastic pictures--great photos and what an artist Ansley is!!! Looking forward to the pic a day:)


What an action shot! :) I love to watch my Hannah from behind when she's just skipping away with that two year old spring in her step. . . You sounded like me when you said you wished you could just soak up the moments and somehow keep them alive forever. I think that's why I take pictures and journal - so that I can somehow try to keep the memory always. . . I enjoyed the art gallery today. My girls are filling up paint paper with dots everywhere these days. . . You know we are all excited about the photo a day - especially your Georgia friends who are going to miss your family like crazy. Treasure all your "last times" with them this week!!!


Fun art projects : ) I love little kid art!


What a great artist. Maybe she can paint one for us. Maybe Jon Jon and a rooster. I think that would be cute.


Like mother, like daughter! Ansley is quite artsy! I Am quite sure you will save that caterpillar, frame it, and hang it on a wall somewhere in your new home. What a teasure to look back upon as she grows!

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