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Ashley Jansen

I am sorry - she'll probably sleep the whole way there :) I told Baylor about the lake this morning too (yes she understands the words 'car ride', 'lake', and 'boat'. We have to spell them whenever we use them otherwise she freaks out.) So I thought it's not to early so I got her all excited this morning and she spent the rest of the time it took me to get ready whining and howling - I guess 2 year-old's, no matter their species, are not good with patience and delayed gratification. See you soon...

Ashley Jansen

So exciting that there were 2 blogs today - I guess I can post twice as well. But I am so glad that you will have internet access while in the apartment - I'm sure there will be some interesting pics come from that :)


I just smiled thinking if you only knew what nap time was often like around here these days with Hannah trying to out grow her naps already - way too early I say. I know Ansley will have fun, nap or no nap, once she finally gets to the lake. Have fun spending the weekend with friends! :)

MiMi and PopPop

It's good you learned those lessons now--you will have many years ahead to remember them and put them into practice. Hope you all have a great time while PopPop and I are at home still packing.

MiMi and PopPop

Upon looking at the photo of the day I know why she can't take a nap--there is no room. I see Charlie and several cats and rabbits. There is no room in the bed.


LOL! Ever since switching to a BGB (big girl bed) we too have had some difficulty with naptime as Paige is discovering she can get out of her bed now and move about the room playing! :) Hope the afternoon w/o her nap ended up going well anyway, and hope you all are having a great weekend at the lake, and good luck with the movers on Monday! Wow, can't believe it's all happening so quick.

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