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Looks like a fun morning. Tell Ansley that Mark and Ashley miss her very much.....and, of course, we miss you and John too.

Ashley Jansen

Love the pics - love how sunny and colorful it looks. Unfortunately it is raining and muggy and humid here today. Missed you at Bunco last week.


I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your new home. :) (And soaking wet Ansley having fun too.)

MiMi and PopPop

I love all the pictures. It seems like your new home resembles your old home from the front door angle and family room angle. Do I see 2 TVs in the family room? There are several nice outside niches but a screened porch would be so nice. It's such a large area I bet you would use it a lot. Tonight I have Bunco--I'm so excited to have something fun to do with old friends. You will have to start a new Bunco group soon. At least you are settled in--we have awhile to go before we are settled in.


Saw the skirt swimsuit today - too cute!

Renee Wilmath

Glad to hear you are settling in! Ansley looks like she's having fun!

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