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Love the girlie-girl! :) Paige too is so into all things girlie (as you saw on my post this week), and I too am just loving it! It's adorable isn't it!? So glad you've found a great babysitter(s) so close by. That helps a lot! We have a great babysitter who is also 14 (soon to be 15) and it's the perfect age!! Paige just loves her babysitter, who's name is Megan, :) and she is so responsible. Good luck with the church hunting- we're praying you are able to find a church home without too much searching around. That can get quite tiring! Glad all is going well!


Cute, Cute.
I remember when Katie hit girlie girl stage. Fun, but can be very trying... we always seemed to have hair bow issues on Sunday mornings.

Ashley Jansen

So precious! What do you think this girly-girl would like for her birthday? What about dress-up shoes that would possibly fit her tiny feet and some other 'princess'/'dress-up' outfits? Let me know.


Love the shoes :) Guess I have yet to see whether I'll learn what it's like to get to play dress up and princess and all things pink... equally fun (as maybe you'll learn???:)) are all things boy -

great to talk to you today - hope you enjoy the church, and get a chance to take advantage of the babysitters before long too!


forgot to mention, the photo of Ansley in the carseat is really remarkable - it looks professional!


Hi there! Sorry I've been absent for a while online and missing your blog updates. So glad you have a girly-girl to hang out with--it sounds like so much fun!


We are all girly pink, twirling, dress up here too. Hannah is the one who goes for the heels. It's so much fun. When you get email, let me know if you need any ideas from Sarah's princess 4th birthday.

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