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MiMi and PopPop

I just got home from working and exercising (boy, is it hot here) and, as usual, went to check on the blog. I was so excited and so happy to be the first one today. Ashley must be on vacation. I'm glad you both had a good day and got some friend interaction. It does feel good.

Kimberly Mcleod

Hey. I am so excited you got to spend time with Rebekah, Hannah, and Sam. I hope you guys had fun. I think it is great the lady from the church called. God knew exactly what you needed. I hope you enjoy yourself sunday. Remember Stacy and Ashley, our builder and fitness friends? They just found out they are pregnant! The new neighbors must be out of town, because I went to the house and no one answered and their cars haven't been there all week. I'll keep checking. Well, I hope you have a great weekend!
love, Kimberly


Nope Mimi, sadly I'm in town, just relatively slow these days :( Almost shed a tear that you shed a tear...I'm so happy for new friendships to be budding. I talked to Laverne today and she said she would call Jackquita and that they may make a road trip up to see you next weekend - they would love to meet Rebecca and Michelle. HA!! HA!! But honestly I am so happy about that sweet woman calling and God leading you to the perfect place for you to worship Him. Hallelujah for that peace and comfort!

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