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You never know what goes on in other families. Often many skeletons live behind closed doors.
I am excited that Ansley is ready for the BIG GIRL class.... it is ok to be sad too.
Love the pic. Thanks for making my day!
Love to all.


Considering how Paige often would do that same thing, crying and clinging to me, especially during her very first session of gymnastics (though at only 18months old), but yet thrived in Kindermusic right away- maybe gymnastics just isn't the right activity for that little girl?? I know Paige can be very sensitive and extremely timid to adjust to new settings, but yet with the right activity she does great from the start. Regardless, so sad how the mom responded and even sadder for that little girl. How exciting for Ansley to join the big girl class- keep us posted on how she and you do! :)


No photo of the day?


I literally am going to have to take a day off from work on that gir's first day of school, that just pulled my heart strings! Poor little girl...there have got to be some boundary issues there or something. Maybe you could bag up all your parenting books you have advertised on your blog and give them to her...that would be a nice 'would you be my friend' gesture. Totally kidding. (But alas, I do now have the Mr. Roger's 'would you be my neighbor' jingle in my head after I wrote 'would you be my friend'.


What in the world does MM Jersey and MM Phildel mean? Is this something scrapbook I'm not getting?


I have no idea either what MM Jersy and MM Phildel are either... Plain and P-nut, yes.
Tell Little Miss Ansley that the Disney store is my fav too.... I always have to look. Love the glass. Wish I had one.


Hey Ashley, I think they may be types of fonts...., yes?


You guys are making me laugh. Wendy, you are correct! Inside the jars are my foam stamps for scrapbooking, and that is the names of the "fonts" the stamps are (for when you submit pages - you have to tell exactly what you used). MM = Making Memories, a brand of scrapbooking supplies. Inquiring minds want to know, I guess! :) I didn't think anyone would notice it. :)


Got your comment on my site- though I'm still waiting to see 'my request' on yours! :)) You also have a great weekend!!

Mark & Ashley

Am I still seeing a sore on that nose of hers?

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