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MiMi and PopPop

Wow--am I first??? Hooray!!! Can't wait to see how the day goes--I hope it is successful. How do you spell "heiny"? I don't believe I have ever seen the word in print. I thought the fairy panties would be first but I guess Elmo won out. Good luck--keep with it.


Hannah says Hooray Ansley for wearing panties today! :)


Yeah! I'll keep my fingers crossed! :) I thought for sure after spending the week with her 4 year old cousin who is potty trained, Paige would surely want to go potty like a big girl just like Kendall. Yeah, that would be a big NO! So back to square one and the waiting game for the day when she decides she's finally ready, because Lord knows there's no rushing that girl! ugh! So much for mommy's timeline! :) Kudos to you and Ansley, just in time to start all over again! :)

Ashley Jansen

So funny - I started laughing (I guess a little loudly for cube world at work) and a few girls came over to see what I was laughing at and there Ansley's rear greeted them on my computer screen! HA! HA! Nothing like happy potty training days. Good luck...maybe I know now what I'll get her for her birthday :)


I thought Fairy Panties would win also. Elmo is cute though.


"Big Girl Panties" was the trick to getting my daughter potty trained too. We went shopping and she got to pick them out herself. She was so excited to get them that she was totally potty trained in 1 weekend. That was all it took. She was so proud of being a big girl that she was totally done with the diapers.


PS - my daughter is 17 now so the technique worked for us. No diapers in a couple years anyway :)


Absolutely adorable! The whole potty thing is real interesting and not only lots of work for the parents, but for the child as well. Aidan is fully potty trained and boy does that make my life easier with another one around. If you need any advice..just ask..I think I used every technique in the book. HA!! With these two so close in age..some of them might work for her as well!


Yea Ansley! Good luck on the potty training!!! "Big girl panties" are difiniely a big incentive, Eiley loves her Dora panties and her Cinderella panties come in a close second. The Fairy panties were so cute that I thought about getting a pair for Eiley, but we have so many Dora panties now that I don't want Eiley to decide on a new favorite. :)

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