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Random is fun. It is almost like I am there!

Ashley Jansen

Sounds like a good weekend! We had a great weekend with nothing to do or scheduled - rented a few movies and did laundry was pretty much the highlights. Have small group tonight - pray around 7 if you think about it - still a very difficult situation! Mark and I scheduled our Labor Day (anniversary and birthday) vacation...check your email, I sent you a link. Love y'all and miss you too. Loved the 'We've Moved Postcard!" SO PRECIOUS!! Hey by the way...2 blog requests: 1: video 2: maternity model pics


As you'll see on my site, I copied your 'random' idea hoping it would prove to be just as popular?! :) I second Ashley's request for maternity pic's already! Geez! What does a person have to do to get some pic's of the model in her new maternity clothes??! And am I missing something, I'm not seeing an actual full pic of the jungle gym??! Now you've got me really curious!


Oh and yes, forgot to say that we too thought the 'we've moved' postcard was a cute and great way to inform people of all your new info! It's always nice getting anything other than bills and junk mail in the mail! :) Thanks!

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