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Hey, Megan. Don't ever worry about posting the random, small bits of news and fact. It makes us all feel like we are still in your lives on a daily basis. It is what makes things feel "normal" again.

We miss you guys....see you soon.


Ashley Jansen

Oh goodie I'm first - I've regained my title :) I love random news! Very fun - not that I don't enjoy seeing your child's pictures because you know I do, but very nice to have your thoughts too. Good luck with the kitchen - make sure to take before and after pics! I want a see a pic of Gap Maternity clothes are their latest model!

Robin Miles

So sorry to heat that Ansley is sick, Eiley is battling a summer cold too. Why are cold viruses out in the middle of summer??! Anyway, about the ugly spider... I am deathly afraid of spiders (ask Jonathan to relay my spider stories to you sometime)but my rationalization for my fear is that we do have brown recluse spiders here in TN (unfortunately) and they are very poisoness and dangerous... so not trying to freak you out anymore than you already were, but you should definitly get someone in to spray for them!

Ashley Jansen

My husband is going to get it when I get home - that is twice! How dare he!!! I'm giving him double wiggle finger right now...GRRRR!!!

Ashley Jansen

OK in my first post I sound like a complete idiot and I have to correct myself (Maybe I'll earn the title of most posts in one day...Mark can't beat me on that). I meant to say..."I want to see a pic of Gap Maternity clothes on their latest model!"
Anyway...have a great day - I know you are laughing at the Jansen family right now.


yes, I too now have a sick toddler at home, and while a cold for an adult is just a minor inconvenience, it is apparently misery for a two-year old - which, of course equates to misery for the parents - hope she's well soon.

We have had our doornob covers taped over for several months now - good choice on duct tape, since I started with scotch tape, and then packing tape and determined that those are easily "picked" off - time to get some door chimes for the outside doors at least!

Hope you don't see any more brown recluses - yes, they are very dangerous ... I've known of a few people who've been bit by them (one, in TN) they must be more common there?

Ashley Jansen

Here I go not even a Photo-a-Day addition today? I know a picture you could post - I think I remember you saying that someone sent Ansley a very cute card...HA HA! J.K.

Ashley Jansen

Now come didn't think that was going to be my last post did what kind of RAK do the competitive Jansen's get for the passing of 700? How about a free stay in Knoxville sometime soon...

MiMi and PopPop

I love random pieces of info on the blog...actually any blog is better than no blog. But, is there some contest that I don't know about???.....Who can comment the most times in one day? Ashley is doing a great job but if there is a contest and a prize, I will definitely keep on and I think I can win even if she has a BIG headstart.


Love the random bits of info! Miss a picture, but any post will do! Yes, be VERY careful with the brown recluse's-they are very dangerously poisonous- I agree you should call an exterminator out just to check around your house and all. I'm very bug-a-phobic so I too would be the one stranded in my upstairs all day! Too funny. Can't wait to start seeing maternity pic's- hint hint!! Glad John gets back tonight- we've still got one more night before Brian gets back and I'm already counting the hours! It's been a long week since he left last Sunday! Oh and yes, where IS that cold front already!? This MN girl has had enough of this GA summer heat! :)

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