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Sounds like she may be long and tall like her Daddy. Hummmm, your looks, Eddie's height.... can we say model? Cute enough now!

Hope your headaches get better. You look beautiful in your pic.

Angie Kudlas

You look great! Baby central around seems like someone I know gets pregnant every day! Wow it is in the water...better not come to my house! HA! 2 is good for now! The lady across the street just had a first today..A girl!


Yeah, my request worked now too! :) Thanks! You look great, and hardly even look pregnant yet, I don't think! A cute little bump though is just visible- love it! I'm sure you definitely feel pregnant however! Sure hope they can give you something for your headaches. A migraine sufferer myself, I feel your pain, especially during pregnancy when you're pretty limited on what you can take. Hope you have a nice rest, and thanks again for the much requested maternity pic's!


Oh yeah. Baby birds are neat! Glad they are where y'all can watch them grow up!


Hi Megan. You look pretty in your just barely beginning to show picture. Sorry for your headaches - and when Ansley's not napping too. Hope you get some rest. Glad you are meeting some more families in your neighborhood.

MiMi and PopPop

I'm sorry you are feeling bad--I know how bad a headache can feel--especially in this heat. Did I ever tell you I had bad headaches after Jonathan was born? Maybe it was telling me something????!!!! Ansley does look tall and she looks like she went crazy with lipstick instead of popsicle. I will talk to you later.


hey there - headaches are a terrible thing - I've had them this time too - never have found anything that would work, although a little caffeine does seem to ease it up a little. Let me know what they give you - I was never offered anything! I think I may have passed you in terms of "pregnant" appearance now - you look great!

Where's Ashley? I don't think there's been a blog yet where she hasn't been one of the first to comment ;)

Hope the headaches ease up!


Wow, you look fantastic! Hope the headaches will get better with some medicine. Ansley really looks grown up!

Ashley Jansen

It's sorta funny to be missed on someone else's blog! :) But yes, here I am. Network was down all day yesterday at work and then we had small group which is always a rushed and late evening. I also got stung by a bee this past weekend - I don't know about you, but good grief it HURTS! For someone who has never been stung by anything I was in pain. Anyway...there are my excuses :) I LOVE THE PREGNANCY PIC!! So excited that there will be more coming. What timeframe until you can find out what it is? You are finding out, correct? What a pretty dress Ansley has on - she is so funny with all her dresses :) You officially have a girly girl :) Miss y'all.

Note: Angie who else have you found out recently that is pregnant...anyone I know? :)

Ashley Jansen

new blog please...I would like to open the blog and see a pic where it doesn't look like Ansley is bleeding from the mouth :) HA HA

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