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Ashley Lee

How adorable! I loved Slip 'n Slide as a kid. What a fun way to end a weekend! On a different note, do you have a new e-mail address set up? There's something I'd like to share with you. :)

Mark and Ashley

I love the close up with her and the wet hair and precious suit - did you get a new one for her? I like the one with the skirt too :) Glad you had a fun weekend! Let's see a pic of you in the new maternity clothes.


Love the close up.


We miss you guys too. Chocolate chip cookies have not been the same since you guys have left. The new neighbor's sweet tea is a disgrace. Your new house looks awesome. Please be sure to include some pictures of the Mcleod wing next time. I can't wait to try out that slip and slide. You should definately have it set up for the Birthday party.

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