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Comment #2: Hannah is sitting in my lap right now and she said, "I want to see Ansley's fairy panties." :)


You will love the wireless internet (we have ours through Comcast)! It is great to prop up in the bed and surf, or if others want to watch something on tv you are not crazy about.... but want to be in the same room.

Happy Birthday!


I second that 'You will LOVE the wireless internet!!' We too have that, and I don't know what I ever did w/o it?! It's so great to be able to upload pic's, order pic's, and do about everything else whenever and wherever you want! Yeah for you!!! :) Happy, happy birthday!

Ashley Jansen

You couldn't of tilted the screen back just a little more - I see the reflection of your legs - I want to see the reflection of the belly :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND!! I'll be calling to chat tonight :)


Happy Happy Birthday!!

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