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Ashley Jansen

Oh goodie I'm first I'm first! I totally love the random photos even if it's not everyday. Keep it! Hey glad to know you are back online - I can email you. I was going to call you today to make sure you weren't having internet problems. Glad to hear you had a nice break with John's mom in town. Glad to have you back. I take my vote back - keep the random pictures as long as you update your pregnancy pictures as well...I wanna see that belly :) J.K.


Yes, I was worried and about to send out a search party for you! Glad you are back. I, once again, agree with Ashley. Pictures please, but we do need an updated belly shot.

Love the 'bunk beds', too cute.

I vote for both classes.

How are your headaches?


I like the bunk beds. :) I definitely vote for pictures WHENEVER...So excited for you and John that it's almost time to find out if your active little baby is a boy or girl!

MiMi and PopPop

Any kind of picture whenever and whatever. What a nice surprise to see a new entry today. Glad you have had a good and productive week. Hope you can find the time for more photos.


"photos whenever you can" are fine- but definitely keep it! Also I agree, we need more belly shots!!!! Where are all those cute maternity clothes you said you got already??! :) Can't wait for the big reveal next week- how exciting!! Are you taking predicitions yet!? Glad the blog is back!


I guess I'm the going to be the only male to post on your blog today. I can't wait to see Ansley on her birthday. Kimberly and I miss her so much.(We miss you guys too.) I had lunch today with my dad and we talked about kids for a while. I realized that all my kid stories were about Ansley. So my vote is that you post a pic everyday. Your house looks great. The only thing missing is a trampoline. Just kidding.


Photos whenever you get a chance is great. I know how busy you can be having a soon to be 3 year old and being pregnant! I am bias to gymnastics, but dance definitely helps the gymnastics out! :)

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