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hey... don't be too hard on yourself. You even downplay how incredibly exhausting it is to just EXIST being pregnant and having a toddler! Everyone is always glad to hear any news, of course! Please take it easy - especially if you are feeling contractions (call me by the way if they continue - I'm sort of an "expert" on all that :)) Hope things continue to go well and that the people who say they are coming actually show up when they say they will ! So nice to hear from you :)

Ashley Jansen

Maybe if you rub your tummy the contractions will go away :) That was just too funny. I'll be calling you possibly tonight about 'things'. Is that ok? Can't wait to see pictures :) Love the new scrapbook of Ansley's cross-eyes :)


Sounds like the Greiner's are a busy group. We're really looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.


Absolutely love your quote for the day!! I think it can be so true. Take it easy and we'll take a blog whenever we can get one so don't stress yourself out over it! I know it can get tiresome after awhile always updating- I go in spurts with ours. Glad the headaches are gone, I sure know how awful those can be. I had very frequent and fairly strong braxton hicks contractions starting around 18/19 weeks with Paige-some that would almost take my breath away- and had them every day numerous times till the day I had her. Obviously I know it may not be anything like what you are having, but thought that may put your mind at ease?? In my case, they kept reassuring me that was completely normal for them to start that early.


not a slacker, just pregnant, moved recently, kitchen in progress and all sorts of other things I completely undrestand! You're doing just fine. Hope the contractions go away. Definitely time to slow down and rest--blog later :)


Rest! :)


Great to see a new blog - no pressure though - you're doing great to even post as often as you are! =) I'm praying for you. I love the new scrapbook page too! I'll e-mail ya back soon. I was going to last night but then we ended up with a sick Kaitlyn and in the hospital all night. I went to bed at 7:00 - a.m. that is and got up at 10 so I'm off for a nap now, but will e-mail back later. =)

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