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I'm glad your new kitchen is coming right along. I like how you took Ansley's picture from above. (Hannah didn't take a nap today either!)

MiMi and PopPop

Megan, You'll never guess who is responding to your blog today. I love the cabinets and the layout and wish I could be there to help. I could not have done better. See you in a few weeks.


I can't wait to see it. The weekend we are in town for KT's game (which by the way would love for y'all to come to the game with us) is the same weekend as Browns Bridge first service! Can't believe we are going to miss it, but so excited to spend some time with y'all. Did you get my email with my PW etc.? Can't wait for Friday! I'm so excited! I love the kitchen and when I first saw that pic of Ansley I thought the caption was going to say 'I poopied on the potty today' :) HA!

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