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You might not have cried but your sweet note to Ansley made me tear up a little. =) Glad to hear her big girl gymnastics went well! Talk to you soon. . .

Ashley Jansen

I'm sitting here in my cube crying and a little embarrassed. You have got to warn me before you post something like that. I am proud of you my dear Megan, for handling such a huge milestone and not loosing it completely like I am right now. You Mommy Megan are GREAT and Miss Ashley is proud of you!


I too am teary eyed after reading.

MiMi and PopPop

It's a sweep--I'm sitting here crying also. What a milestone and it reminds me of times that I left you and Jonathan for the first time. It is sooo hot here--I think I'll happily sit in my cool cave for the whole evening ( I do have to go to work tomorrow) Hope it's cooler in TN.


How did you not cry!? Very impressive! I loved your letter, though it just reminded me what I too have in store next month when I have to drop Paige off at pre-school for the very first time. Not sure I'll be quite as successful as you, but you've given me hope! Great 'letter' though, I assume that will be scrapped?! :) I also love the photo-a-day- looks like someone is ready :) Congrats on getting through your big milestone- mommy! :)


Aww... I am not looking forward to that day -- they get big too fast! Did I miss the updated contact info post? Can you email me your new contact info? Seems like someone has a birthday coming up... :)


New blog please.

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