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Ashley Jansen

Good so you think it is a little tempermental too :) I called you last night - I'll try again tonight.


Love the 'year in review'. The change is amazing. They really do grow up fast.

Oh yeah, guess you are changing too..... where is our belly shot? ;}


I really like the year in review pictures. :) Wow, it's amazing to see how little she looks in last September's picture and then how she looks like such a big girl in her August photo. Our little girls are growing up!


Your countertops look fabulous!


Love the year in review- what a change! That's when you really notice it isn't it-looking back over a whole year! Love the countertops as well! 'Someday' is what I always say, regarding when we'll 'someday' have beautiful countertops like that! One project at a time though I guess, right?! :)

Christina Sallustio

love the new scrapbook page, and the countertops :)
I hear that song all of the time, and am always brought to tears!


Love the new page- though I've never heard that song?! Who sings it?? Maybe it's a good thing i've not heard it yet, since I usually only have the radio on in the car, and if that song were to have come on, I would have for sure been bawling my eyes out- which is not such a good thing when one is to be driving! :)

Kimberly McLeod

I almost cried when I read the father daughter song. Who wrote that? Such a great picture of the two of them!

Kimberly McLeod

This time is off. I definately didn't post at 6:10 am!


Test post from new laptop.

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