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Jonathan and Missy

That picture gives me inspiration to take a nap. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Have a fun and relaxing Sunday.


We are very excited for you! We will be praying for your contractions. I remember my first dance class and I loved it. I was an indian princess in peter pan. I have pictures to prove it. We look forward to seeing you guys in Sept. I hope you have a great birthday next week.
love you, kimberly

MiMi and PopPop

Not to burst your bubble, but.... I had a boy and and girl and the girl was much much easier. Maybe that was because she was second. We are glad that everything is going well and we will soon come to check it out for ourselves!!!!


We have been internet-less for the last few days... on vacation.
Congrats! Boys are easier. More straight forward, less manipulative (sp?). But in a good way.
Nelson and I are praying for you all.


She does look so peaceful...and I LOVE that Cinderella pillow! Mark and I totally excited about y'all having a boy. I think it will be a perfect exclamation point to the Greiner clan. No worries at all. This weekend was fantastic - I'll tell you all about it later. Loved the new appliances. Keep us all updated with your contractions - and take it easy!


Just prayed for you and Baby about your early contractions. You will be a great mama to a boy. :) A small group at our church has studied Dobson's Bringing up Boys, and I definitely want to read what he has to say if we have a son one day. The moms group at your new church sounds so terrific! I know Ansley will enjoy her new dance class. Have a great day with all your new kitchen stuff.

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