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Ashley Lee

I think it's a...boy. We're so excited for you all. We find out on September 19 if we're having a girl or boy. I think we're having a boy, Michael thinks we're having a girl. It sure is fun guessing, but I'm looking forward to planning for the future. I'm sure you are too. This is a fun little game--I may try it with my e-mail friends too.

Ashley Lee

I meant to ask--what do you and John think you're having?


Baby Sister. :) Maybe I guessed girl since I have 2 little girls. We are so happy for you and John and excited to find out if God has given you a son or a daughter.

Ashley Jansen

Man I don't know what to guess. I'm seriously half and half on this. But I can't wait to know. You are going to have to call me because I won't be around to check email starting after noon tomorrow throughout the weekend!

Ashley Jansen

P.S. That pictures of Ansley - she is just beautiful! That long hair...she is going to be a killer when she grows up. Watch out world!


Back again after looking at pictures. Your new cabinets look so good! Seeing Ansley's picture right below her 2nd birthday pictures shows how much she has grown up this past year. Her hair is so long and pretty.

MiMi and PopPop

Daddy and I both think girl. Missy and Jonathan both think boy. Can't wait to find out.


Well, like I told you before in an e-mail, I've had a dream you all were having a boy, so I'm sticking to it! A BOY I say! :) Either way- what a blessing and we're so happy for ya'll. I'll be glued to your blog tomorrow anxiously waiting the big news! Good luck! :)


good luck tomorrow! I hope the baby cooperates! Wouldn't it be nice for Ansley to have a sister? :)


I think since tomorrow is the big reveal- it's also the perfect day to take an updated pregnancy picture to share with all of us- hint hint hint! :)

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