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Oh wow, what fun! Of course Ansley had to have a Belle doll. Sweet! I love to hear about how she is *thinking*. Makes me smile to hear about a young mind working.


I can't believe it's already been a week since we were there - but now only 2 weeks until we'll be back :) I had totally forgotten about the show and am so excited y'all had a blast! Can't wait to see all the new stuff when we about the nursery - any decisions yet what it will be?


Looks like everyone had lots of fun!


Belly shot, please.


Ok, I admit it I'm hooked on these blogs! I started with your blog after Eddie told Nelson about it at Thanksgiving.... you added people, who added people. So much fun! Such cute kids!

My question is:
How can you (Megan) ask Ashley for belly shots and not provide your own. This is not fair! LOL!


Come on, Wendy - there's two pictures in there of my belly, but not one of Ashley's. ;)


But you are further along! Bet Ashley agrees. Come on Ashley, work with me here.

Ashley Jansen

I'm afraid to post a picture right now because I haven't gained any weight so that means whatever pooch you see in a picture is just the all natural Ashley Jansen typical pooch! And isn't that sorta embarassing? What I'm more interested in is a before and after of the kitchen and pics of the room improvements in Ansley's room. But really I'll see them next weekend - so post what you want! HA!



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