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LOVE the shades! She is already a Diva.

Desta Long

She looks SO old in that picture- more like 5 than almost 3! Wow. Anyway, don't feel like a big dork about getting tearful, because that will be me next week when I drop Paige off at pre-school and have to watch her walk in with her backpack and all, except I'll probably be sobbing! Such is life being a mommy hey?! So glad she seems to enjoy dance class, how cute! (And yes, Paige is very much into the pink princess stuff too, to answer your question in your e-mail! Must be a girl thing?!)


I would have had tears in my eyes too. Sarah used to have such a tough time telling me goodbye so it was HUGE for me when I started to see her happy to go off to a class at church or gymnastics with a hug and a smile. The hugs after they've been on their own are terrific. :) I'm so glad Ansley had fun.


A huge milestone for us today too. Aidan had his first day of school! He walked right in with his backpack and all and said, "See you later Mommy. Love you!" I got in the car and I think I had the hardest time driving out of the parking lot! They are growing up so fast!!

Christina Sallustio

what a big girl! Yes, it is SO hard watching them walk away (funny how it can seem even a little sadder when they walk away happy) . So, did she have anything to say about the class? sounds like she's gonna love it!

MiMi and PopPop

Look at those shades!!! She looks so big and I'm so proud of her. Can't wait to see you all next week.


Cute!!! I agree, what a diva :) A dancing diva! I know dropping off is hard, but gosh, they are just blossoming before us--amazing to watch, huh?


LOVE IT! I want her to do some tap for me when I'm there next weekend. And I want to see that hair in a bun, too. Goodness she is growing up so fast. I hope she remembers who we are. It will be so good to see y'all!


Wish I could have seen the purple hair.

How is the kitchen remodel going?

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