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Ashley Jansen

It was such a great weekend and we are so looking forward to being back soon in October. Could you send me the pic of the two of us with Ansley - I want it on my blog :) Love you all!


I am glad you are happy with the photos. We had a great time and love your daughter dearly (we love you guys, too).


I was excited to see Princess Ansley's party photos. :) I especially like the one of her seeing herself in the mirror (great idea to take that shot) and that sweet, sweet face when y'all are singing to her. What a fabulous throne - the Queen planned a royal celebration. ;) I'm so thankful that she was well and had so much fun. Wow, THREE YEARS OLD!!! It will be Hannah's turn before I know it.

Christina Sallustio

Wow... looks like the party was just amazing! Thanks so much for sharing all of the wonderful photos :)


Very cute! Looks like the princess had a great time! :) Thanks for all the pic's!


Glad to hear you had a great party! Everything looks beautiful - a usual at Greiner parties. =)


Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!


Oh yeah..... Never root for Vols. Although it is a hard call when they play FL.... wonder if both teams can lose?


Happy Birthday Ansley!!! We think you look just like a princess in the pictures. What a great party!

Liz, Rob, Carter and Finn


Thank you for having this weekend. We wouldn't have missed Ansley's birthday for anything. She is so sweet and so close to our hearts. We look forward to seeing you guys soon.

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