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Yeah for Fall! We too are finally getting some cooler weather here in Cumming too, and it's long overdue! I love it! Sorry to hear she's not liking ballet very much. I had to pull Paige out of gymnastics finally last spring because she too just wasn't into it for whatever reason. I sure hope you can get rid of your bugs! I'm a huge bug-a-phobic, so I'm right there with you! I've never even heard of those kind of roaches, and sure hope I never do find out what they look like! :)


It is always fun to have your Mom around. I wouldn't trade mine for the world 90% of the time. Now that other 10 can be trying... we are too much alike.
Tough decision on dance.
Roaches, yuck. I'm not a bug phobic, but if what you are talking about is what they used to have in Columbia, I am right there with you. We had them things in college and they looked like they were big enough that they would take you towel away from you in the dorm baths. LOL!
Bet the cold weather will get them.
Still no belly shot!?


Let the dance thing sink in a little more before you pull her out. When we are there next weekend you need to talk to my mom about the same thing with Katie and soccer. Katie would literally through tantrums before going to soccer practice and here she is on a full-ride college scholarship playing soccer. Somehow my parents knew what to keep her in and take her out of.

And if I have to post a belly shot - you do too!

The storm photo is awesome by the way!

Also, when should I buy some maternity clothes? Old Navy is having a sale and I'm just a little giddy although I know I won't need them for another month or so.

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