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Jonathan and Missy

It was great seeing you all this weekend. We look forward to everyone getting together more often now that we are all very close. Have a great week.


Wish we had known you were in town, we would have loved to see you.

Christina Sallustio

sounds like you had some much-needed family and friends togetherness time... hope that helped ease some of the homone -induced stress.(although I would guess even a non-pregnant woman would be due for a breakdown after all the changes you've encountered)You're in my thoughts and prayers :) Hope you're off to a great week!

Mom and Dad

It was so much fun having us all together and the zoo was great. We have been working hard on boxes and finding places for things. We also finally got our TN driver's licenses (after the third try)Jonathan and Missy do not have to walk that weekend so see if you can schedule our picture that Saturday and let us know. We have a full week with sodman, washerman, and blindman all scheduled. Hope you are all doing well.


Love the pics - I never did get to scroll through them on your camera after the guys were done. We had such a great weekend with you guys. I'm working on my post right now.


Hi Megan. It sounds like you had lots of fun at the zoo and getting see your friends again too. What a blessing to live closer to your family now! It also seems that God has blessed you with many caring women in your new church that will be an encouragement to you!

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