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Jonathan and Missy

Congratulations Ansley!!!!!! Sounds like there is a party at the Greiners. The art kit looks like fun. We're looking forward to seeing you this week.

Christina Sallustio

YEAH :)!!!!!! Hope the trend continues - that is such exciting news!

Our first of October was spent enjoying the beauty of the start of fall - outdoors! (It was also spent in disbelief, if I dare mention this... as we watched Alex walk into the woods and proceed to pee there -- unprompted and without ever having learned this from anyone!) So, there's our potty story for the week; gotta love what little boys can figure out all on their own???!! --- get ready!


Hooray Ansley for the potty training success!!! Our October is off to a great start with our home sold last month and our new house bought yesterday. We are thankful and excited. Now we are getting ready to celebrate Sarah's 5th birthday this weekend! :)


Hey! Yeah for potty success! :) Too funny. Well, on our first of October we were at Walt Disney World enjoying watching Paige see it all for the very first time! :) It was absolutely priceless, and she fell in love with Mickey and Minnie! :) So our October has been off to a fantastic start!



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